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Hexagon Pillar Necklace, Crystal Quartz Stone Pendant

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Crystal energy healing stone necklace

Crystal is the crystallization of natural minerals, bred on the surface of the earth, Although crystals come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, each crystal is composed of very fine atoms.

Crystals operate through the energy system of the human body, namely the chakras and auras. By influencing the energy system to affect the state of the body. 

Product information

Material: Crystal
Type: Necklace
Style: Women's
Pendant material: Natural Stone
Circumference: 20cm and below
Pendant Length: 4.1cm
Chain length: 40+5cm

packing list:

Clavicle chain *1 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Candelario Zemlak

My daughter ordered these for herself with a giftcard Christmas day. There was zero delay in shipping and we are both pleased with these.

Scarlett Wunsch

Nice pendant. To the touch, the crystal looks like a mixture of plastic and rubber (does not bend, just feel nice and smooth? Beautiful necklace, excellent product highly recommended

Emmet Cormier

Wish that Stone is plastic and super that I received my nice free shipping :)

Cole Hermann

Good quality beautiful stones. the reason i love them is because they are pleasing to the eye, and that is what matters because any healing that comes from them is not in the stone itself , but our mind.

Antwon Beahan

Very high quality chain, A nice collection of stones and it came with a really nice, sturdy chain. Very good deal!